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Recent extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol (RFC0747) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003794D
Original Publication Date: 1978-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-14
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NWG/RFC# 747 MRC 21-MAR-78 44015 Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol

Network Working Group Mark Crispin Request for Comments 747 SU-AI NIC 44015 21 March 1978

Updates: RFC 734. See also RFC 746.

Recent Extensions to the SUPDUP Protocol

Recently, some extensions have been made to the SUPDUP protocol. RFC 746, by Richard Stallman, documented the SUPDUP graphics extension. In addition, a TTYOPT bit has been added and two more variables have been added to the initial negotiation. This RFC describes the changes from RFC 734, but excludes the detailed information in RFC 746. These extensions are upwards and downwards compatable, and are completely optional. For most SUPDUP user and server programs, RFC 734 remains an adequate description of the protocol. However, it is suggested that if the console’s line speed is known, the user SUPDUP should be modified to send the new ISPEED and OSPEED variables (sending 0 for SMARTS if the graphics extension is not to be used) so the server can handle buffering for the terminal better.

Since these changes are compatable and optional, and since the SUPDUP protocol is being actively worked on at the present time, I have elected to issue this update RFC rather than an updated version of RFC 734. An updated 734 will be issued when the protocol stabilizes again.

Three new variables have been added to the initial negotiation. In order, they are SMARTS, ISPEED, and OSPEED. Consequently, the count should now be -10,,0, or, in octal, 777770000000....