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Internet Protocol Handbook: Table of contents (RFC0766) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003814D
Original Publication Date: 1980-Jul-01
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Network Working Group J. Postel Request for Comments: 766 ISI July 1980 Obsoletes: IENs 94, 118

Internet Protocol Handbook

In recent years the ARPA Network Research Program has had as one concern the interconnection of networks. In the course of this research a family of protocols suitable for an internetwork environment has emerged. Much of this work is documented in a series of project memos called Internet Experiment Notes or IENs. A few of these IENs document protocols in the internet protocol family. Most of the major internet protocol documents have also been issued as RFCs.

The situation has evolved to the point that it is appropriate for the internet family of protocols to replace the old ARPANET protocols. To this end an Internet Protocol Handbook will be prepared by the Network Information Center. This Handbook is tentatively planned to be available at the end of 1980. This Internet Protocol Handbook will closely parallel the old ARPANET Protocol Handbook, and will primarily be a collection of existing RFCs and IENs.

Attached is the current draft table of contents for the Internet Protocol Handbook. Any suggestions for additions should be sent to Jon Postel (Postel@ISIF).

RFCs and IENs are public access document files and may be copied from the Network Information Center online Library at SRI-KL via FTP using the FTP user name ANONYMOUS and password GUEST. The IENs have pathnames of the form "<NETINFO>IEN-nnn.TXT", and the RFCs have pathnames of the form "<NETINFO>RFCnnn.TXT", where "nnn" is replaced by the document number. [Note the inconsistency: IENs have a hyphen in the pathname, RFCs don’t.]

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RFC 766 Internet Protocol Handbook

Table of Contents

Gateway Level

Internet Datagram Protocol RFC-760 IEN-128