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Comments on NCP/TCP mail service transition strategy (RFC0773) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003821D
Original Publication Date: 1980-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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This memo reviews and expands on the mail service transition plan [20].

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Network Working Group V. Cerf

Request for Comments: 773 DARPA

October 1980



This memo reviews and expands on the mail service transition plan


The principal aim of the plan is to provide for the orderly support

of the most commonly used network service (mail) during the period of

transition from ARPANET to Internet Protocol-based operation.

The goal of the transition is, at the end, to provide in the internet

environment service which is equivalent to or better than what has

been available in the ARPANET environment. During the interim

period, when both internet and the older ARPANET-based protocols are

in use, the goal of the transition is to minimize user impact and, to

the extent possible, to minimize software development or modification

required to deal with transitional problems.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with both the ARPANET and

internet protocol hierarchies [1-17]. The internet hierarchy is

designed to interface to many different packet networks (e.g., packet

satellite, packet radio, Ethernet, LCS Ring net, X.25 public

nets, ...), while the ARPANET hierarchy is limited to ARPANET IMPs

(This is less true of the levels above NCP, but NCP itself is closely

bound to ARPANET services).

The objective of the transition plan is to specify means by which the

ARPANET electronic mail services may be supported across the boundary

between the purely ARPANET environment and the more general internet

environment during the period of transition by ARPANET hosts to the

richer internet world.


DARPA is beginning a new phase of research into automatic electronic

message handling systems. Ultimately, it is intended that electronic

messages incorporate multiple media such as text, facsimile,

compressed digitized voice, graphics and so on. Success in this new

research will require substantial progress in developing multimode

user interfaces to computer-based services (voice input/output,

graphics, tablet/light pen, facsimile input/output, video/bit mapped

displays, ...).

At the same time, progress must be made towards an environment based

on internet protocols so as to avoid confining the results of the


October 1980 RFC 773

Comments on NCP/TCP Mail Service Transition Strategy

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