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Request For Comments summary notes: 700-799 (RFC0800) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003849D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Nov-01
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC 700 through RFC 799. This is a status report on these RFCs.

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Network Working Group J. Postel Request for Comments: 800 J. Vernon ISI November 1982

Requests For Comments Summary Notes: 700-799

This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC 700 through RFC 799. This is a kind of status report on these RFCs.

RFC Author Date Title --- ------ ---- -----

799 Mills Sep 81 Internet Name Domains

A suggestion that, as the internet grows, the space of host names cannot remain a flat space of globally unique names, and that a hierarchy of name domains be introduced; see also RFC 822.

798 Katz Sep 81 Decoding Facsimile Data From the Rapicom 450

A description of the encoding/decoding procedure for Rapicom450 facsimile machine.

797 Katz Sep 81 Format for Bitmap Files

The description of a simple file format for bitmap data.

796 Postel Sep 81 Address Mappings

A description of the way the addresses of a few actual networks are mapped into internet addresses.

795 Postel Sep 81 Service Mappings

A description of how the internet type of service is mapped into the actual service parameters of a few particular networks, and vice versa.

794 Cerf Sep 81 Pre-Emption

Discusses how pre-emption of TCP connection can be implemented. Replaces IEN 125.

793 Postel Sep 81 Transmission Control Protocol

The specification of TCP. Replaces RFCs 761 and 675.

Postel & Vernon [page 1]

RFC 800 November 1982

792 Postel Sep 81 Internet Control Message Protocol

The specification of ICMP. Replaces RFCs 777 and 760.

791 Postel Sep 81 Internet Protocol

The specification of IP. Replaces RFC 760.

790 Postel Sep 81 Assigned Numbers

The list of numbers assigned for networks, protocols, etc. Replaces RFCs 776, 770, 762, 758, 755, 750, 739, 604.

789 Rosen Jul 81 Vulnerabilities of Network Control Protocols: An Example

A description of an outage in ARPANET service and the process of determining the cause; also, subtleties of designing network protocols.

788 Postel Nov 81 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

An old version; see RFC 821.

787 Chapin July 81 Connectionless Data Transmission Survey/Tutorial

A discussion of datagram service. Intended for submission to international standards bodies.

786 Sluizer July 81 Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 MTP-NIMAIL Interface

The description of the way mail is passed between the MTP and the NIMAIL programs in ISI TOPS20. Outdated.

785 Sluizer July 81 Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 File Definitions

The description of the file format for passing mail to the MTP program from user mail programs in ISI TOPS20. Outdated.

784 Sluizer July 81 Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 Implementation

The description of the program structure for the MTP implementation in the ISI TOPS20. Outdated.

Postel & Vernon [page 2]

RFC 800 November 1982

783 Sollins June 81 The TFTP Protocol Revision 2

The specification of TFTP. Replaces RFCs 768, 764 and IEN 133.

782 Nabielsky undated A Virtual Terminal Management Model

A description of the elements of a virtual terminal and the management of communications between them.

781 Su M...