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Summary of computer mail services meeting held at BBN on 10 January 1979 (RFC0808) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003857D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Mar-01
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Network Working Group J. Postel

Request for Comments: 808 ISI

1 March 1982




This note is a very belated attempt to document a meeting that was

held three years ago to discuss the state of computer mail in the

ARPA community and to reach some conclusions to guide the further

development of computer mail systems such that a coherent total mail

service would continue to be provided.

Some important conclusions were reached at this meeting which limited

the extent to which mail systems were to incorporate new features in

the context of the existing service and specifications.

Unfortunately, this meeting and the conclusions were not documented,

and the specifications were not revised. This has led to continuing

problems in the mail service.

Due to the passage of time these notes are necessarily quite

incomplete. It is thought that there were a number of other

attendees. I would like to express my appreciation to those who

helped provide this information, especially Vint Cerf, Jack Haverty,

Danny Cohen, Bob Thomas, and Debbie Deutsch.

The Meeting Announcement:

On 10 January 1979 we are holding a meeting at BBN in Cambridge, MA,

starting at 0930, to discuss Message Service support on the ARPANET.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide a basis for any

standardization of efforts which may be necessary. We will take

stock of the various message services currently available on the

ARPANET, discuss problems which have been encountered between

different message systems, review current protocols and review

forthcoming developments. An agenda is given below. Each of you

should be prepared to discuss current problems you are aware of and

any developments which impact future message service.

Summary of Computer Mail Services Meeting 1 March 1982

RFC 808

The Meeting Agenda:

1. Present State of Affairs

. Survey of Message Systems

. Current Problems

. Format Protocols - RFC 560, 680, 733

. Distribution Service

. Documentation

2. Future Developments in Message Technology

. Multi-Media Techniques

. Impact of Personal Computers

. Distributed Service

- NSW Project

- Internetwork Addressing and Forwarding

. Other

3. Impact of Charging Technology on the Message Service

. Proto...