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Topic for Discussion at the Next Network Working Group Meeting (RFC0087) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003918D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Jan-01
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Network Working Group A. Vezza Request for Comments: 87 12 January 1971 NIC 5632

TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION AT THE NEXT NETWORK WORKING GROUP MEETING --------------------------------------------------------------

Project MAC is planning a network graphics meeting to be held in

April. It would be desirable to devote some portion of the February

Urbana meeting to consideration of the length, format, structure and

contents of the April meeting. Perhaps discussion on topics germane

to network graphics can be started in an informal way at Urbana.

Project MAC’s present ideas about the length, structure, and

format of the network graphics meeting are as follows:

1) The length of the meeting is expected to be two FULL days.

2) Each organization represented is expected to participate by

presenting one or more working paper(s) on one or more of the areas

chosen for discussion. The working paper(s) will minimally consist of

a set of working notes and an oral presentation. Who presents the

working paper for an organization, or how the labor is divided, is to

be determined by the organization.

3) The bulk of the two full days is to be used for the prepared oral

presentation with discussion after each presentation. About three

hours at the end of the second day are reserved for open discussion.

This three hour period is to be used for critiquing this meeting,

planning the next one, and bidding for special assignments that

participating organizations might wish to undertake as a contribution

to the network graphics effort.

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Our ideas about content are:

1) A description of present or future graphical facilities that are or

will be connected to the network, with a functional description of how

they work or look (or might look) to a user (network user).

2) A functional description of a graphical facility one c...