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Request For Comments summary notes: 800-899 (RFC0899) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003948D
Original Publication Date: 1984-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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Network Working Group J. Postel

Request for Comments: 899 A. Westine


May 1984

Requests For Comments Summary

Notes: 800-899

Status of this Memo

This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC 800

through RFC 899. This is a status report on these RFCs.

RFC Author Date Title

--- ------ ---- -----

899 Postel Apr 84 Requests For Comments Summary

This memo.

898 Hinden Apr 84 Gateway Special Interest Group Meeting


This memo is a report on the Gateway Special Interest Group Meeting

that was held at ISI on 28 and 29 February 1984. Robert Hinden of

BBNCC chaired, and Jon Postel of ISI hosted the meeting.

Approximately 35 gateway designers and implementors attended. These

notes are based on the recollections of Jon Postel and Mike Muuss.

Under each topic area are Jon Postel's brief notes, and additional

details from Mike Muuss. This memo is a report on a meeting. No

conclusions, decisions, or policy statements are documented in this


897 Postel Feb 84 Domain Name System Implementation


This memo is a policy statement on the implementation of the Domain

Style Naming System in the Internet. This memo is a partial update

of RFC 881. The intent of this memo is to detail the schedule for

the implementation for the Domain Style Naming System. The names of

hosts will be changed to domain style names. Hosts will begin to use

domain style names on 14-Mar-84, and the use of old style names will

be completely phased out before 2-May-84. This applies to both the

ARPA research hosts and the DDN operational hosts. This is an

official policy statement of the ICCB and the DARPA.

RFC 899 May 1984

896 Nagle Jan 84 Congestion Control in IP/TCP


This memo discusses some aspects of congestion control in IP/TCP

Internetworks. It is intended to stimulate thought and further

discussion of this topic. While some specific suggestions are made

for improved congestion control implementation, this memo does not

specify any standards.

895 Postel Apr 84 A Standard for the Transmission of

IP Datagrams ov...