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Network Data Management Committee Meeting Announcement (RFC0173) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003978D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Jun-04
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Network Data Management Committee Meeting Announcement

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Network Working Group P. M. Karp - MITRE

Request for Comments #173 D. B. McKay - IBM

NIC 6795 4 June 1971

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Network Data Management Committee Meeting Announcement

The data management discussions at the recent NWG meeting resulted in

the formation of a Network Data Management Committee to be chaired by

Doug McKay, IBM. The purpose of the committee, as stated in RFC 146,


(a) to classify the issues involved and to propose

various approaches;

(b) to integrate the hitherto independent network

activities that address problems in the area of data

sharing; and

(c) to set up and coordinate appropriate experiments

to test the services developed and to evaluate

alternative approaches.

An informal meeting was held Wednesday morning, 19 May to estab- lish an

approach for achieving the above objectives. The attendees were:

Peggy Karp MITRE

Doug McKay IBM

Tom O'Sullivan Raytheon

Ari Ollikainin UCLA

Dr. Larry Roberts ARPA

Dick Winter CCA

Due to an overlap with a file transfer committee meeting, membership of

the data management committee was not established.

A decision was made to hold a data management meeting at CCA in

Cambridge prior to the next general NWG meeting. The structure and

format of the meeting will be similar to that of the network graphics

meeting (RFC 87); that is, the price of admission for an organization is

a working paper on one or more of the areas chosen for discussion,

accompanied by an oral presentation.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for varying viewpoints on

network data sharing to be expressed. The essential issues will be

educed, thus fulfilling the committee's objective (a). Compre- hensive

plans for attaining objectives (b) and (c) can then be established. We

expect that responsibilities for carrying out objectives (b) and (c)

will be assumed by interested committee members.

One of the original objectives of the meeting was to elicit comments on

the data language for the data computer, following a presentation of

design specifications by CCA. Due to a change in scheduling at CCA,

they will discuss the facilities to be provided by the data computer

rather than language itself. Therefore meeting participants will have

an opportunity to provide input to the language design which will be

specifically directed at provision of the facilities.

Some suggested topics for positio...