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Link Number Assignments (RFC0179) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004043D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Jun-01
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Network Working Group Alex McKenzie Request for Comments No. 179 BBN NIC No. 7119 22 June 1971 Category: C.9 Updates: 107 Obsoletes: none


Today Steve Crocker asked me to announce that from now on link numbers 2-71 (decimal), inclusive, are to be valid for use in connections. Accordingly, the Host-Host Protocol Document, which I am currently writing, will contain the following "declarative specification".

Links are assigned as follows:

Link Number Assignment

0 Control link 2-71 Available for connections 1, 72-190 Reserved-not for current use 191 To be used only for measurement work under the direction of the Network Measurement Center at UCLA 192-255 Available for private experimental use

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