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File system questionnaire (RFC0180) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004055D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Jun-01
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Network Working Group Alex McKenzie Request for Comments #180 BBN NIC #7123 25 June 1971 Categories: D.7, G.3 Updates: none Obsoletes: none

File System Questionnaire

As noted in RFC #164 (page 35), a subcommittee of the NWG, under the chairmanship of Abhay Bhushan, is currently generating proposals for a "data transfer protocol" and a "file transfer protocol".

The subcommittee has decided that the file transfer protocol should provide standard methods for requesting the transfer of a file but should not, at this time, attempt to standardize file naming conventions, access control conventions, and the like. Thus a user who is, for example, trying to store a file on a remote Host will be required to use the file naming conventions appropriate to the remote Host.

Given the above point of view, it becomes imperative for users to have some source of information about Host file conventions. Such information, once compiled, will also serve as input to possible standardization efforts of the file transfer subcommittee. For this reason Abhay has asked me to solicit information on file conventions from the Host organizations. What follows is a description of the kinds of information of interest. I am well aware of the fact that many of you are tired of writing system descriptions; Xerox copies of short sections of your local documentation are fine if the result is complete and comprehensible. (In the case that your Host will never permit network use of your file system, a note to that effect would be sufficient.)

Information Requested

1. File naming conventions - We (loosely) define a pathname to be the data string which must be input to the file system by a user (a network user if your system makes a distinction between local and network users) in order to identify a file. We are interested in syntax, semantics, and defaults. Typical components of pathnames are:

- "device" fields - user names - version numbers - index names - punctuation marks

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Common types of defaults are:

- device is disk - version number is largest in system

For hierarchical file structures, descriptions may be fairly complex, but with lots of defaults; in such cases an illustration of a "normal" pathname might be helpful.

2. Access control mechanisms - Access control mechanisms range from simply knowledge of a file’s pathname to elaborate hierarchies of group-project-task-username membership with passwords and separate controls for reading and writing. There are two aspects of the access control mechanism which are of interest:

a. A description of what inputs the user should give the file system, both at the time of file creation and at the time of retrieval, in order to define the permitted modes of access and to gain access. What are the syntax and semantics of these inputs?

b. A description of the ways in which the access control mechanism is designed to help (or hinder) the sharing of files. For example, may two users "simultaniously" update a given file? May the creat...