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NIC distribution of manuals and handbooks (RFC0185) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004105D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Jul-01
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RFC 185 Jeanne North NIC 7129 ARPA Network Information Center Category G.2 Stanford Research Institute (ARC) 7-JUL-71


The Network Information Center asks that whenever basic manuals or handbooks are produced by Network participants, a sufficient quantity be made to supply NIC with copies for distribution. For good Network communication, NIC now plans to distribute such documents to all Station Agents for use as reference copies, to Liaisons for their own use, and, when desirable, to outside participants for understanding of the Network.

The number of Network participants receiving such distribution is now approaching 80, and with the usual need for additions and replacements, NIC now makes 100 copies of most documents. NIC therefore requests that Network members issuing manuals and other large working documents assist by providing the necessary 100 copies at the time of issuance.

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