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Host software (RFC0002) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004208D
Original Publication Date: 1969-Apr-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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Network Working Group Bill Duvall

Request for Comments: 2 SRI

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1a Control Links

1a1 Logical link 0 will be a control link between any two HOSTs on

the network

1a1a Only one control link may exist between any two HOSTs on

the network. Thus, if there are n HOSTs on the network, there

are n-1 control links from each HOST.

1a2 It will be primarily used for communication between HOSTs for

the purposes of:

1a2a Establishing user links

1a2b Breaking user links

1a2c Passing interrupts regarding the status of links and/or

programs using the links

1a2d Monitor communication

1a3 Imps in the network may automatically trace all messages sent

on link 0.

1b Primary Links

1b1 A user at a given HOST may have exactly 1 primary link to each

of the other HOSTs on the network.

1b1a The primary link must be the first link established

between a HOST user and another HOST.

1b1b Primary links are global to a user, i.e. a user program

may open a primary link, and that link remains open until it is

specifically closed.

1b1c The primary link is treated like a teletype connected over

a normal data-phone or direct line by the remote HOST, i.e. the

remote HOST considers a primary link to be a normal teletype


1b1d The primary link is used for passing (user) control

information to the remote HOST, e.g. it will be used for

logging in to the remote host (using the remote hosts standard

login procedure).

1c Auxilliary Links

1c1 A user program may establish any number of auxilliary links

between itself and a user program in a connected HOST.

1c1a These links may be used for either binary or character


1c1b Auxilliary links are local to the sub-system which

establishes them, and therefore are closed when that subsystem

is left.


2a Control links

2a1 The control link is established at system load time.

2a2 The status of a control link may be active or inactive

2a2a The status of the control link should reflect the

relationship between the HOSTs.

2b Primary Links

2b1 Primary links are established by a user or executive call to

the monitor

2b1a The network identification number of the HOST to...