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Domain name system implementation schedule - revised (RFC0921) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004332D
Original Publication Date: 1984-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Oct-06
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Network Working Group Jon Postel

Request for Comments: 921 ISI

October 1984

Updates: RFC 897, RFC 881

Domain Name System Implementation Schedule - Revised

Status of this Memo

This memo is a policy statement on the implementation of the Domain

Style Naming System in the Internet. This memo is an update of

RFC-881, and RFC-897. This is an official policy statement of the

IAB and the DARPA. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

The intent of this memo is to detail the schedule for the

implementation for the Domain Style Naming System. The explanation

of how this system works is to be found in the references.

The Current Situation

There are three aspects to the domain style naming system, (1) the

names themselves, (2) the method of translating names to addresses,

and (3) the relationship between the Internet and the rest of the



The names are being changed from simple names, or globally unique

strings, to structured names, where each component name is unique

only with respect to the superior component name.

Simple Names

Until recently, hosts in the DARPA research and DDN operational

communities were assigned names in a flat or global name space

of character strings. There are some limits on these names.

They must start with a letter, end with a letter or digit and

have only letters or digits or hyphen as interior characters.

Case is not significant.

For example: USC-ISIF

Hierarchical Names

Because of the growth of the Internet, structured names (or

domain style names) have been introduced. Each element of the

structured name will be a character string (with the same

constraints that previously applied to the simple names). The

RFC 921 October 1984

Domain Implementation Schedule - Revised

elements (or components) of the structured names are separated

with periods, and the elements are written from the most

specific on the left to the most general on the right.

For example: USC-ISIF.ARPA

The Initial and Temporary Domain

The introduction of these hierarchical names has been very

limited. Every current name in this new system has the form

"old-simple-name.ARPA". That is, the all the hosts are in a

domain called "ARPA". This is a temporary situation. The

current i...