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Telephone system with disinfecting sponge in the upper and lower handset holder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004383D
Publication Date: 2000-Oct-23
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Disclosed is a telephone system with disinfecting sponge in the upper and lower handset holder.

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Technical Background of the Invention

Phones have revolutionized technology and world. Unfortunately, germs and bacteria can be carried and transmitted through the phone from one user to another. This is especially relevant with public phones where thousands and thousands of users mouth and ears come in contact with the phone handset. The ease at which one user can transmit bacteria to the handset and eventually to the next user can be phobic.

Sponges are materials that can absorb and hold liquid for a period of time. Sponges are commonly used for cleaning objects with water and other cleaning agents. Sponges are also used in the United States Postal Office for wetting envelopes and stamps. Sponges however, tend to dry out when exposed to air after a period of time and must be refilled with from time to time.

Problem Solved by the Invention

The present invention helps eliminate any phobia's or fears associated with using the phone. A common fear of using public phones for example is that it is used by a number of people everyday. Because the phone requires the user to place the handset to the users ear and mouth, bacteria and germs can easily be transmitted to the handset and eventually to the next user. To prevent this from occurring, a sponge is placed on the holder of the phone handset. After every use, the sponge sterilizes the phone handset killing common germs and bacteria that can originate from the user. This ensures that the phone handset is safe for use for the next user.

Description of the Invention

A pad or sponge is glued (attached) to the upper and lower handset holder. Each pad or sponge contains a usable amount of disinfectant. Phone handset is situated in the handset holder on top of sponge when not in use. Handset ear and mouth piece is disinfected whenever it comes in contact with sponge. When lifted of the holder, the alcohol based disinfectant evaporates quickly leaving a dry surface for the user. After use, the handset is then placed back into the holder and is disinfected again by sponge.

Figure 1 Telephone system with disinfecting sponge in the upper and lower handset holder.

Figure 1 illustrates the base 100 of the telephone system. The base 100 includes the buttons 101 for dialing, upper holder 102 and lower holder 103 for placement of handset 200. Within each the upper holder 102 and lower holder 103 is a sponge with disinfectant 120 used for santizing handset with every use. Sponge with disinfectant 120 is attached to bottom of holder. When not in use, andset 200 is placed into holder and disinfected.