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Publication Date: 2000-Nov-03
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US 5,733,170: PATENT


Disclosed is an improved holiday decorative assembly and method thereof.

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In many parts of the world, it has become popular for homeowners to celebrate various seasons and holidays by placing temporary lawn decorations out on display on the exterior regions of the property. People will place figures made of styrofoam and similar materials on their property in order to engage in the festivities. For example, to celebrate Christmas, people might place a figure of Santa Claus and his reindeer on their property, while for Thanksgiving people might place artificial, styrofoam turkeys and Pilgrims on their property. When the holiday season has passed, the problem of storing the displays remains. U.S. 5,733,170 discloses a solution to this problem, utilizing fillable bags, but different bags are required for each season. This can present a cost and packaging problem to the homeowner that wishes to celebrate many seasons, as the owner will need to store the decorations after use.

The solution is to utilize REVERSABLE bags. For example, the invention can be embodied as a typical plastic garbage bag. On the outside can be a pattern typical of a carved pumpkin face, such that when the bag is filled with filler material, the bag forms the appearance of a giant pumpkin. On the inside of the bag a pattern typical of a giant turkey can be found, but is not visible while the bag is full with filler material. To use the turkey image, one would reverse the bag such that the pumpkin image that was originally on the exterior is now on the interior. The filler material will then be added, and now the bag can be used as a decorative turkey. This improvement allows for one bag to be used to celebrate two seasons. This reduces in half the amount of storage space required for out of season decorations.

It is anticipated that multiple bag groups (such as the Pumpkin-Man disclosed in U.S. 5,733,170) can have reversed images representative of other holidays or seasons. For example, Pumpkin-Man of U.S. 5,733,170, useful to celebrate Halloween, could be reversed to form "Pilgrim-Man" in the celebration of Thanksgiving. Similarly, "Santa Claus", useful for the Christmas season, could be reversed to form "Cupid" for celebration of the Valentine's day holiday. The key concept is to use images of different seasons and holidays in the image of the exterior and interior such that the bags could be used for different seasons.

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