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Method and system for processing customized reward offers to e-commerce buyers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004412D
Publication Date: 2000-Nov-08

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The present invention is a method is for providing and managing a customized reward offer to a user of an e-commerce Web site account. The method includes the step of accessing historical account data associated with the financial account. The method further includes the step of determining a first performance target associated with the e-commerce Web site. The method also includes the steps of selecting a reward offer having an associated reward description and transmitting the first performance target and the reward description to the buyer. The method continues with the steps of collecting transaction data associated with the Web site and evaluating the collected transaction data to determine a second performance target. The collected transaction data is then compared to first performance target. If the collected transaction data exceeds the first performance target, the user's reward account is updated to reflect the reward. A system is also provided to implement the steps of the method.