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Method for administering a survey on e-commerce web sites Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004414D
Publication Date: 2000-Nov-08

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In accordance with the present invention, a controller receives a survey request including the desired information from an e-commerce Web site client wanting to have a survey conducted. The controller creates respondent questions based on the survey questions. The controller also selects one or more respondents from a list of possible respondents, such as a list of customer accounts. The respondent questions are transmitted to the selected respondents. Responses corresponding to the respondent questions are received. The controller applies an inconsistency test to the responses to generate an inconsistency test result. The inconsistency test determines if the responses originate from computers or humans not paying attention to the questions. Based on the inconsistency test result, an optional fraud signal is generated. The fraud signal results in any of several actions, including the controller ignoring the responses received from the corresponding respondent, reducing or eliminating payment to the respondent, transmitting a message of reprimand to the respondent, and/or barring the respondent from future participation in surveys. The controller also applies an e-mail validation sequence to the respondent's profile information to verify the e-mail format.