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Temporary storage system for extracted breast milk Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004448D
Publication Date: 2000-Nov-11
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Herein is described a temporary storage system for extracted breast milk

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Temporary storage system for extracted breast milk

Professional women are returning to the workplace soon after having babies. Many of these women choose to continue breastfeeding even when their jobs require them to travel. Breast milk extraction systems are readily available, and when paired with a discreet carrying case, breast pumping on the job need not be a difficult or awkward task to accomplish. There are some times, though, that it becomes necessary to transport a certain volume of breast milk when there is not refrigeration readily accessible.

The solution is to create a temporary storage system that allows women to use their favorite brand of leak-proof container, place the container in a specially designed insulated storage bag and surround the breast milk collection container with ice or frozen cooling packs in sealable storage bags. These types of systems are available in high-end breast milk extraction systems, but not in more affordable systems.

The basis of the design is an elongated flexible insulated bag adapted for transportation and storage of foods or contained liquids including a liner disposed in the interior, sets of hook and pile fasteners positioned within channels for closing and opening the bag attached near its top, and a handle affixed to the upper portion of the bag.

The insulated storage bag is designed to accommodate a rigid non-breakable container of up to 32 fluid ounces. Mesh netting pouches are attached to all four sides, the bottom, and the top of the bag. These pouches are of sufficient size to accommodate sealable plastic storage bags.

Figure 1 above illustrates the storage bag when it is in closed position.

Figure 2 above illustrates a cross-section of the storage bag with the mesh pouches on sides, top and bottom containing bags with ice.