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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004455D
Publication Date: 2000-Nov-17

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A belt clip attached to the back side of a cordless phone allows the user to have the cordless at hand and within reach at all times if needed. The user never has to get up or leave an important task to answer the phone nor does the user need to leave for the base in another room to catch the caller. A phone clip keeps the cordless phone with the user and keeps the users hands free to do other tasks around the house. A clip apparatus is permanently attached to the backside of the cordless phone handset. The clip apparatus has a securing seat fixed to the back of a handset. The cordless phone handset can be clipped or unclipped to the users belt or pocket as desired. The user can carry handset around the home/office while keeping the hands free to do other tasks. This makes it more convenient and accessible for the user.