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Customer Preference Tracking System for Restaurants Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004457D
Publication Date: 2000-Nov-20

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Restaurateurs in order to better serve their clientele desire to know customer preferences and in particular the preferences of repeat customers. Conventionally customer preferences could only be tracked by maintaining records of the number of order of each item or by communicating directly with the customer. The present invention is a system for tracking customer preferences by linking order records and the customer's identify to form records of individual customer preferences. The customers order is entered into automated ordering system 110, which records the order and ticket number and generates a bill. The bill is paid using billing system 120 in which the ticket number and billing information are recorded. Billing system 120 electronically transmits the billing information to C.P.U. 130. If the billing information uniquely identifies the customer, such as when a credit card, debit card or check are used for payment, the C.P.U. 130 retrieves the order from automated ordering system 110 using the ticket number from billing system 120 as a unique identifier of the order. The C.P.U. 130 then stores the customers name and order together in customer preference database 140. Records stored in customer preference database 140 can be used to track preferences of repeat customers.