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Bookmark with place marker stickers and reading chart for children Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004472D
Publication Date: 2000-Nov-21
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The invention described herein is a bookmark with place marker stickers and reading chart for children.

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Bookmark with place marker stickers and reading chart for children

Children who read more earn better grades in school and are better prepared to be successful in their lives. All parents encourage their children to read, and many establish a daily reading goal, either as a family or in conjunction with their child's school.

Once children progress beyond the "easy reader" level, they must find some way to keep track of the place that they left off in their book. Traditional bookmarks are designed to keep track of the page that a reader is on, but for beginner readers, this simply is not enough. Many times a child will be so frustrated at losing his or her place in a longer book that they will opt not to read longer books, which would appropriately challenge them, in favor of shorter, easier to read books that they can read in one sitting. They need to keep track of the last word that they read in order to ensure that they will be able to pick the book back up at a later time and immediately resume reading where they left off.

In addition, parents need to have a way to keep track of the reading that their child is doing. For the most part, beginning readers are also beginning writers, and making them keep and update a reading list has a tendency to take some of the pleasure out of their reading experience. For longer books it would be convenient to have an easy system to keep track of how long a child was reading a particular book.

Figure 1 shows a bookmark with place marker stickers. The entire length of the bookmark is a regular adhesive sticker and there are perforations between each 15 minute marker with smiley-face (or any other type) sticker. The smiley stickers are removable and not highly sticky but approximately the adhesive level of "Post-It" notes. This is so that they can be placed in books and removed without damaging the page of the book.

Figure 2 shows a sticky smiley-face in a representative text. The child reading this text would know upon opening the book to the book-marked page that he or she had left off reading at the smiley face.

Figure 3 shows an example of a reading chart using the bookmark stickers to indicate the time spent reading a particular book.