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Backlit Reading Light

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004509D
Publication Date: 2000-Dec-21
Document File: 3 page(s) / 17K

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Electroluminescents are an inexpensive, low energy and reliable light source for low light demands. Electroluminescence technology offers a highly efficient light source applicable for many solutions. There are numerous manufactures of electroluminescent systems able to configured to various applications. Applications have been developed for use in areas ranging from watches to nightlights. New applications could offer creative and advantageous solutions to existing problems. How to illuminate reading material? Reading in a dark room can be difficult. Traditional reading lights often produce much more light than what is required to read the text and can interfere with others. What is a way to illuminate reading material. The present invention is a reading material backlight that utilizes an electroluminescently lit board that is powered from an attached battery. The board slides behind any single-sided document and illuminates the page.