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System for simultaneous, authenticated test-taking via the internet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004550D
Publication Date: 2001-Jan-25

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If online educational offerings hope to achieve equal footing in comparison with traditional classroom-based education, many aspects of classroom education need to be in effect added to the process of online testing. For example, a system must reliably associate a student with his or her testing results, while deterring fraudulent use. Further, classroom testing traditionally is conducted at a set time for all enrollees. By developing a system that provides reliable results, prevents fraud (using access control technologies known in the art) and offers the option of simultaneous, non-site-specific testing via a network like the internet, considerable value can be added to online educational offerings. This system includes a computer-based evaluation of a test-taker's performance with respect to selected comparative norms. The system includes a home testing computer for transmitting the test-taker's test results to a central computer, which derives a performance assessment of the test-taker. The performance assessment can be standardized or customized, as well as relative or absolute. Further, the transmitted test results are configured to reliably associate the student with his test results, using encoding, user identification, or corroborative techniques to deter fraud. Fraud, and the need for proctoring, is also deterred using time-stamped authentication of users using practices known in the art for simultaneous testing of geographically dispersed test-takers.