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Factorial Design for Hardware and Software Performance Evaluation Across an Internet Connection

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004553D
Publication Date: 2001-Jan-26

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0471093157 - ISBN 0070426732 - ISBN [+details]


Hardware and software reviewers often dismiss the idea of testing across a live Internet connection because of the inherent lack of reproducibility. This is an ideal opportunity to use statistical experimental design, as is done routinely in the physical sciences. For example, one might test two different browsers at two different times of day, applying well-established methods to extract significant trends from the data. Many variables could be included, ranging from Web page content to the client operating system and hardware configuration. As an example, a 2(5-1) fractional factorial design is presented, in which effects of ISP, time of day, type of connection, browser, and client operating system are evaluated. In addition, all two variable interactions are assessed.