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Console with built-in heating pad Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004562D
Publication Date: 2001-Feb-06

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The present invention is an accessory for an automobile which consists of an armrest or console intermediate the driver seat and the passenger seat that has a lid that opens into a storage area that includes a heating pad that can be turned on or off for keeping beverages, especially mugs of coffee or tea, warm during the morning commute. The heating element is formed in a shallow well that allows for the safe and spillless transport of the warm beverage, thus lending itself well to the simple task of securing any beverage, hot or cold, when the heating element is turned off. The heating element is surrounded by a housing of ceramic with properties such that the heat from the pad is not transferred to its immediate surroundings in an unsafe manner. The heating pad is electrically connected to the automobile's power supply and can be activated by a simple on-off switch.