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Collapsible self-supported bicycle roller system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004570D
Publication Date: 2001-Feb-09

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The present invention is a bicycle roller system with roller pins specially shaped to accommodate the beginning cyclist. The pins are parabolic in shape, with the center of the roller pins having the smallest circumference and the two ends of the roller pins having the greatest circumference, affording the cyclist added balance and natural positioning in the center of the roller pins. The amateur cyclist can now feel confident mounting the once intimidating bicycle roller system knowing that his maintained balance is a natural design feature of the system. Another difference between the present invention and the prior art is the fact that the present system does not require a plurality of supports between the system and the surface on which it stands in order to prevent contact between the roller pins and the surface. The side rails of the present invention are are of sufficient height as to disallow the roller pins from rubbing the mounting surface. As an added feature, the present bicycle roller system is engineered to allow for the convenient folding in half of the system, allowing easier transport and storage.