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Water Cooler For Pets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004571D
Publication Date: 2001-Feb-15
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This product is simply a water cooler with a detatchable water dish at the base that pets can use to drink from. The water cooler would have a system that kept the dish full of cool drinking water at all times. It would also have a way to make the dish stop being filled so one could remove the dish for cleaning or moving the cooler.

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The water cooler for pets is a great idea because it's a big nuisance having to refill the pet's water dishes all of the time, especially if you are at work or out of the house all day.

The problem with the small water dispensing dishes you can buy at a pet store is that you still need to refill those and they sit stagnant for a long time. This can build bacteria in the water, which is not good for your pet.

The best way to provide good drinking water for your pet at all times is with the WATER COOLER FOR PETS because it provides a constant supply of cool drinking water for the pet. There would also be different size water dishes you could choose from depending on the size and drinking habits of your pet. Also, the dish would be detachable so one could remove it for cleaning or for moving the cooler. This would also include a device for stopping the flow of water into the dish for removal. Finally, the dishes would be insulated to ensure that the water your pet is drinking is nice and cool, exactly how you would want to drink it. This innovation of the water cooler is a great idea for anyone who loves their pet and wants them to have the same drinking privileges as a human.