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Financial and Patent Data Processing System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004573D
Publication Date: 2001-Feb-15

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A computer based Intellectual Property Analysis Tool (IPAT) system is presented in which financial information and patent information is collected, and calculations of financial parameters with respect to patent parameters are made and stored in a database. This database system supports the generation of reports indicating rankings of financial performance with respect to patent performance, as well as graphical representations of financial parameters as a function of patent parameters and comparisons of financial and patent parameters over time. Scatter plots can be generated which allow for a rapid determination of the correlation between patent parameters and financial parameters. An offset between the patent years studied and the financial years studied can be entered to determine which years of the respective data are most highly correlated. Cumulative studies can be performed in which patent and financial data are summed over a number of years, allowing short-term variations to be averaged out.