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Financial and Patent Data Processing System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004573D
Publication Date: 2001-Feb-15
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A computer based Intellectual Property Analysis Tool (IPAT) system is presented in which financial information and patent information is collected, and calculations of financial parameters with respect to patent parameters are made and stored in a database. This database system supports the generation of reports indicating rankings of financial performance with respect to patent performance, as well as graphical representations of financial parameters as a function of patent parameters and comparisons of financial and patent parameters over time. Scatter plots can be generated which allow for a rapid determination of the correlation between patent parameters and financial parameters. An offset between the patent years studied and the financial years studied can be entered to determine which years of the respective data are most highly correlated. Cumulative studies can be performed in which patent and financial data are summed over a number of years, allowing short-term variations to be averaged out.

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Financial and patent data processing system

Field Of The Invention

The present invention relates to a system for analysis of financial and patent data.

Background Of The Invention

Patents are playing an increasingly important role in industry, and permit an inventor or corporation to recover their investment in research and development, either by licensing their invention to others, or by denying others the right to make, use, sell, or offer to sell their invention, thus maintaining a high market share and profit margin.

Although patents are known to be important, especially in high technology industries, there is little monitoring of how companies utilize their patents and patented technology. Simple rankings of companies according to the number of patents they receive are sometimes produced, and the number of patents awarded to each company in a particular industry segment can be tabulated.

The company metrics that are more commonly studied are their financial performance including revenue, income and profitability as well as the change in these parameters over time. These financial parameters are studied in various ways and published and made available to investors.

Although previous systems for analyzing companies have compared financial data of companies, and lists of patent data are available, systems for analyzing the performance of companies with respect to patent data have not been previously developed. It would be desirable to perform detailed analyses of companies across different industry segments to determine which companies have made the best use of their research and development dollars and to determine how patents are related to financial performance.

Having a ranking of companies in terms of how they utilize their research and development dollars or a comparison of how much net income each company receives per patent is desirable and would provide additional information an investor can use in making a determination as to how well a company might perform in the future.

In addition, it would be desirable to have a system for the extraction of data from patent and financial databases. A standardized methodology would allow for uniformity of data and insure that the comparisons made are sound.

The final results should be made accessible to users who can then have access to printed results, as well as the ability to make queries across a network to a results database.

For the foregoing reasons, there is a need for a system which can collect and analyze both patent and financial data across a number of industry segments.

Summary Of The Invention

In the present invention a data processing system uses a computer to process and store patent and financial data. Patent and financial data are retrieved from their respective databases, and calculations of financial parameters are made with respect to patent data, i...