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Mounting component carriers during servicing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004575D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Feb-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Feb-22
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Mounting component carriers during servicing

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Mounting component carriers during servicing

by Hartmut Mack


As illustrated, the proposal relates to an efficient support of electronic component carriers (1ABC, for example 19-inch-type) in an enclosure (2, rack).


Under operating conditions, the carriers (1) are inserted into enclosure slots, wherein cable connections are fixed to the rear side of the carrier (1).

During servicing, it is desired to remove the carrier (1) from the enclosure (2) without disconnecting the cables; the carrier (1) must however be supported in proximity to its original location.


The door (3) of the enclosure (2) has inside a pair of mounting bars (4,5) with holes (6) on both sides; the removed carrier (1) is hooked into this holes (6) by specially formed brackets (7). The cables can stay connected with the removed carriers. Vertical adjustment of the mounting bars (4,5) and/or the holes allows to support the removed carrier (1) at the same height as it was inserted in the enclosure before servicing.

The solution is particularly useful for enclosures (2) that are located in areas where space is limited or that do not have swing frames to support the carriers (1) during servicing.