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Original Publication Date: 2001-Feb-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Feb-22
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Klaus Martin Tetz: AUTHOR [+2]


This paper describes a way of programming wireless devices by using a configurable service software.

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by Klaus Martin Tetz, Bernd Juergen Lehr, and Egbert Christof Lenger


This paper describes a way of programming wireless devices by using a configurable service software.


Wireless communication devices contain a programmable storage, which contains model and device specific data. The data in this storage is known as the 'codeplug' of the device and can be read, modified and (re) written by using a RSS (Radio Service Software) over a serial connection to the device. This data can also be stored on a disk for backup purpose.

Problem(s) To Be Solved

In the past, every RSS package could only be used for the model series it was developed for. Every attempt to read a file or a device with a different model number has to be stopped because

a) the feature set is different

b) the structure of the data (codeplug layout) in the radio units is different

For this reason it is necessary to develop a new RSS package for every new radio product.

This idea is to use only one RSS package for different radio products. This is performed by using two ASCII files, one containing the features and the other defining the codeplug structure of the data to be programmed. It is also possible to handle different codeplug versions within one model series by applying a specific codeplug definition file for each version.

Proposed Solution to the Problem(s)

Figure 1 shows up all necessary parts of a RSS programming system and the data flow. On file read, the RSS opens the file containing the feature set and reads out the number and version of the codeplug definition File to be used. The RSS reads then automatically the correct codeplug definition file. The same process is used on radio read. Therefore, the codeplug definition file number and version must also be stored in the radio codeplug.


Fig. 1: Programming System