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Safety Bar for Rotary Screen Printer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004676D
Publication Date: 2001-Apr-01
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A rotary screen printing machine has a safety bar that extends vertically and horizontally to prevent ingress between the pallets in a rotary screen printing machine.The bar extends out radially from the central column og the screen printing machine. lateral movement of the bar to allow ingress automatically switches the machine off.

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Safety Bar for Rotary Screen Printer

This disclosure relates to a safety bar to prevent injury when operating a rotary screen printing machine.

Screen printed garments are usually printed on rotary or oval multi print head machines in which the garments mounted on pallets are moved about the periphery of the machine where there are a series of print heads, curing stations and a load and an unload station. Patents relating to these machines include USA 4407195, 4934263, 5154119. Machines vary in size up to 20 stations which means there are up to 18 printing or curing heads plus the load and unload station. The operator sets up each print station with the appropriate screen, color and print settings before the garments are loaded. Usually the garments are printed in all the colors required and cured in one revolution of the machine.

The garments are manually loaded at a fixed load station and are unloaded at an unload station adjacent to the load station. The operator stands at the control panel between the load and unload stations.

When the machine indexes the pallets rotate to the next station. Injury can occur if an operator is standing within the radial sweep of the pallets when indexation is in progress.

Between the load and unload station is placed a safety barrier that prevents the operator from moving between the two pallets. The control panel also limits the ingress between the unload and load stations.

Between the pallets on either side of the load and unload stations more substantial barriers are needed. A simple bar or chain across the entry is insufficient.

This disclosure concerns a safety bar that obstructs entry in a vertical and a horizontal direction and is also pivoted so that it can be moved aside to allow entry . The movement of the arm to allow entry triggers a switch that immediately stops the machine from rotating.

As shown in the diagram the safety arm consists of a lower arm 1 that extends across the entry between two pallets. The lower arm 1 is attached to the vertical arm 2 which is placed midway between the two pallets. The vertical arm is L shaped with the horizontal section at the top and aligned radially with the rotary printing machine.

The arm 2 is adjustably fitted to the pivotal frame 4 and can be locked in its extended or retracted position by the locking collar 3.

The pivotal frame 4 is mounted to the centre column of the rotary printing machine so that it extends out radially between the pallet arms and the top is 1.5 to 2 metres from the floor. The pivotal frame is mounted to the machine by means of the support bar 5 which carries the top ball bearing hinge 6 and bottom ball bearing hinge 7. The bar is swingable by way of cylinder 10 which is connected to the rear hinge 9 mounted on the rear cylinder bracket 8.The frame bracket 13 mounted on frame 4 carries a front hinge 12 connected to the cylinder 10 by way o...