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Sending groceries list through a device to the groceries web site Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004716D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Apr-18
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Sending groceries list through a device to the groceries web site

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Sending groceries list through a device to the groceries web site


SriGowri Vatticuti

The current technology allows for people to order their groceries from the internet, but it still requires them to type in the groceries they want every time and get them delivered to their home. With what I am proposing, you have a small gadget that has a wireless modem embedded in it and has voice recognition units in it. A person has to first register his voice in the gadget and also the websites from where he/she would like to get the groceries. If a person wants groceries he/she will just speak to the device. The device first compares the voice with the registered voice and if it is valid it will store the entry in a list. In this way whenever he/she remembers something they can just speak in to the device and then send the list at their convenience to the already registered groceries web site and have the groceries delivered to their home.

How to work on this invention:

The owner registers his/her voice in the device. The owner also registers some web sites from where he/she would like to order their groceries. They speak to the device as and when they want something from the grocery store. At some point when they think that they are ready to order they can just press send button to send it to the online grocery store.

What problem is solved by this invention?

The users need not always login to a web site and then type all the required groceries for the household. It saves time and effort.

The user need not drive out to a grocery store to buy groceries.

This device can be put on fridge or somewhere in kitchen where it is easily accessible and convenient.

The device is programmed in such ways that it identifies which goods are to be ordered from what web sites. For example paint can be ordered from home depot and milk can be ordered from Wal-Mart.

Alternatively the list in the device can be printed out and if you are going in the direction of the grocery store, you can get the groceries in person.

Alternatively every member in the family can have their own device and they can speak to it. If there are any duplicate entries it can prompt the user saying there are duplicate entries and if still they would like to order the item. If multiple users are using then there will be a database that gets updated dynamically.

Ordering Strategy:

1. The user can order whenever he wants.

2. The user can program it in such a way that he would like to order once in a week.

3. The user can program in such a way that for every 20 items or so in the list it will pop

a message asking the user there are 20 items in the list, would you like to order?"

4. The user can also mark some items as urgent, for example "urgent milk"

then milk will be ordered immediately". Similarly if a set of items are required urgently, then he can s...