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Map Multiple Locations with the Internet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004719D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Apr-18
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Map Multiple Locations with the Internet

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Map Multiple Locations with the Internet

Christine Lynch

The Internet has evolved into many things, one of which is a location finder. If an internet user doesn't know how to get somewhere, then he/she can utilize a "map" website, which will plot a course from A to B, and provide specific directions (to the .01 mile). This "map" capability, while useful, does not encapsulate the full capability of a map utility on the Internet. People today need to familiarize themselves quickly with a new location and the surrounding areas, either due to professional travel, recent relocation, or vacations. While it is helpful to know how to get from one point to another, it does not help familiarize a person with the external areas.

For example: A traveling sales associate, named Frank, just arrived in San Francisco. He is not familiar with the area and has to stay in a hotel in downtown San Francisco, the Mark Hopkins Hotel. His best friend has recommended a favorite restaurant located on the beach for him to try, and he wants to visit his cousins in Oakland while he is there in the area, if possible. Now, he is primarily there for work purposes, and the convention he is attending is at the Moscone Center.

A website that would allow multiple locations to be entered into a data reception area and then produce a map that would show each item on the map in relationship to each other is just the thing Frank needs.

To refer to the example above, Frank would need the specific Addresses for the following locations:

1) The Mark Hopkins Hotel

2) Cliff House Restaurant

3) Cousin Rex's House

4) Moscone Center

5) San Francisco Airport

The specific addresses can be obtained on several websites, or perhaps Frank has the specific addresses already handy.

The following pictures demonstrate the website "KNOW YOUR WAY AROUND.COM" (this web reference is just a hypothetical example of a potential web site).

Picture 1 shows how addresses are entered into the website application

Enter the First Address:

Top of Form 1

Enter the Second Address:

Bottom of Form 1

Top of Form 2

Enter the Third Address:

Bottom of Form 2

Top of Form 3

Enter the Fourth Address:

Bottom of Form 3

Top of Form 4

Enter the Fifth Address:

Bottom of Form 4

Top of Form 5

Bottom of Form 5

Going to a new location? A new city? A new State?

This website can help you find your way around any US city, as long as there are places you need to find.

Just enter in each field on the left the specific addresses you wish to be aware of, and then click the button below "click here when complete"

A map will pop up shortly thereafter, showing each location entered, in proximity to each other.

So, next time travel plans have you in a new or strange city, remember there is a way to always know your...