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Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-25
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by Luigi Flori

There are many different styles of mobile mounting equipment that can secure electronic devices inside a vehicle. Some are adjustable and can be easily detached. These devices are typically used when either the user prefers not to mount the radio into the dash or when dash mounting is not possible due to available space.

A trunnion is a bracket that can be fastened to the inside of a vehicle and used as a method to secure the electronic component. A two-point trunnion attaches the mobile radio at two points with screws. Although limited, the radio has some adjustment for viewing and accessibility.

Large mobile radios, due to their weight and size, typically require three-point trunnions with the additional screw attached to the backside of the radio. A drawback with this is that the third point restricts any kind of adjustment.

Furthermore, depending on where the larger radio is mounted in the vehicle, the display may not be easily viewed or the controls easily reached. As a result, the user has to adjust his head position and/or twist his body to properly view the display or reach the radio thereby distracting his eyes from the road for a longer period of time.

Typically, this restriction has been dealt with in a number of ways. The user can use a two-point trunnion, which would allow for tilting but is not recommended for bigger, heavier radios because the radio may dislodge during a crash and cause injury.

The radio can be simply wedged vertically along side of the driver seat so that he needs to only look down at the display or the user can continue to make head and body adjustments while driving.

The proposed solution, called "Angled Adapter" is a plastic bezel that is molded such that the face of the bezel is at an angle. It can be molded so the face of the bezel is angled upward, angled to one-side or a combination of the two directions.

This solution would be used specifically for mobile radios where the controlhead snaps onto the main body.

Detaching the controlhead, snapping the adapter onto the main body and snapping the controlhead to the adapter can quickly assemble this added option without removing the main body from the existing trunnion. Figure 1 shows the radio with the controlhead angled upward because of the adapter.

The problem with the larger radios in vehicles is the lack of space. Therefore users are forced to make compromises in either ease of use or safety.

The "Angled Adapter" gives the user an inexpensive option in making their mobile radio easier and safer to use. Due to the fact that the bezel places the controlhead in a better viewing angle, the Angled Adapter allows some flexibility to the user who may not have enough room to view the display without being directly in line with the radio.

In addition, it gives some relief in reaching and viewing ...