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Method and Apparatus to Assure the Washing of Hands Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004761D
Publication Date: 2001-May-02

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Patent/Patent Application:
6,031,461 6,147,607 6,211,788 [+details]


Disclosed is a method and apparatus to assure that persons wash their hands. The novel method involves marking the person's hand with an easily identifiable substance that is removable by washing with a sanitizing medium. The marking would occur when the person has done something in which it is desirable to wash one's hands after such event (eg entering a rest room, flushing a toilet, entering a hospital room or restaurant food preparation area and so forth). Person's who have been marked with the easily identifiable substance must either wash off the substance (i.e. sanitizing their hands) or be "marked" as having done something that requires hand washing without actually washing their hands.