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Point of sale, informational and data transfer system comprised of hardware and software applications for the home and business, through infrared and direct connection.For use with PDA's, Laptopsm, TV's, and custom hardware component.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004790D
Publication Date: 2001-May-25

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WHAT IS "HANDHELD HQ" "HandHeld HQ" is an external infrared transmitter and receiver connected to a computer terminal (desktops, terminal nodes, laptops, or "HandHeld HQ kiosks). The signal can be transmitted to or received from handheld devices such as Palm Pilots or other similar devices using identifiable O/S. Examples: Apple/Macintosh (if and when available), Microsoft Platforms (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, CE, NT) Palm O/S, Handspring's Visor (same O/S as Palm), Sony Clio (same O/S as Palm), Linux and Unix (if and when available), etc. The signal transmitted will be used to either upload information to or download information from the two "connected" devices. The technology for infrared transmission is wide spread and has been available for several years. Only recently has the popularity become noticeable, with the growing popularity of handheld devices, most noticeably the Palm Pilot. The applications we have designed are new, as well as the concept of the hardware required to perform these tasks. The potential for the hardware and its associated applications are enormous. WHAT IS "SuperSync" "SuperSync" is a device designed to operate either in conjunction with the HandHeld HQ external infrared transmitter/receiver, or it can be operated independently, by connecting to a computer through the wide variety of I/O connectors. Where as the Handheld HQ is designed to transmit signals via infrared signal, the signal transmitted through the SuperSync will be through a direct connection to the computer when transferring via infrared is undesired or impractical. The purpose of this device is to enable the wide variety of PDA hand held computers to up/download information between itself and the host computer or network node. The SuperSync will accomplish this by having the multiple connectors to operate with the wide variety of proprietary input/output connectors of the PDA's in the marketplace, both present and future. These products are designed to create a consistent revenue stream that will extend beyond the initial PDA purchase. Controlling the future pathway of content is a key to success. WHAT ARE "Pocket Rx and Pocket Parts" The Pocket Rx is a small device approximately the size of a thumb. It is designed to receive, store, and later transmit information. The information to be transmitted into the Pocket Rx is intended to be prescriptions to pharmacies using HandHeld HQ or other IR receiver as well as through a USB data transfer. The Pocket Parts is identical in design but is intended for use by those in the new and used automobile parts industry. WHAT IS "TV Sync" TV Sync is the redesigning of the IR port on Television sets. The modification will allow TVs to transmit signals that will be retrievable by PDAs. These signals will be embedded within commercials and broadcasts.