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Through-the-air Password Enabled Calls Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004791D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-May-25
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Through-the-air Password Enabled Calls

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Through-the-air Password Enabled Calls

Kuek Teck Hock


It is useful to allow parents to issue a pre-determined list of approved phone numbers that can be called by their son's or daughter's cellphone. However, inconvenience can occur when their son or daughter wishes to make a call using their cellphone and the number that is desired to be called is not in an approved phone number.

Proposed Solution

The son's or daughter's cellphone has a folder of approved phone numbers, each of the numbers have an associated approved talking time kept in the phone book memory. When a call is attempted and the calling number is not an approved number, there is a password request signal sent to the parent's phone. The request signal has a special ringing tone (alert) to inform the parent of the request. The parent then views the request and desired calling number and then makes a decision whether or not to approve the call and assigns a talk period.

A SIM card for the son's or daughter's cellphone (sibling SIM) is linked to the parent's SIM card (e.g. father SIM) in the cellular system. In the case where the sibling SIM card is used to make a phone call and the calling number was not in the approved list, a through-the-air password enabled sibling SIM feature is effected. The calling number and the sibling SIM card number will be sent through the phone network as an SMS message to the phone with the father SIM in it. On the display of the cellphone associated with the father SIM, the name representation of the sibling SIM plus the intended calling phone number appears. An approval request will also appear on the screen. The cellphone associated with the father SIM requires a password to be entered and number of minutes of approved talk time. Upon approval, the sibling SIM call can proceed. Alternatively, an approval request can be rejected by the cellphone associated with the father SIM. The flow charts for the implementation of this solution are illustrated below.