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unbrokenheart Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004823D
Publication Date: 2001-Jun-18
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unbrokenheart is a story and an accompanying piece of jewelry.

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The Story.....

Once upon a time my heart was broken. So I visited a wise man who specialized in broken hearts. He gave me strands of silver and gold, and said... "Use the silver to create your heart broken, use the gold to mend it." He gently whispered, "Whatever broke your heart, was once try and hide the break in your heart would be to try and deny the existence of that love don't try and hide it just mend it." I picked up the silver to create my broken heart, I felt my fears being released... as I realized that I could keep the laughter, the memories, and the lessons I had learned. I picked up the strand of gold and mended my broken heart... with truth, with honor and with forgiveness.