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Inks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004840D
Publication Date: 2001-Jul-09

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A composition comprising: a) 0.1 to 30 parts of colorant; b) 0.1 to 20 parts of a compound of Formula (1): R1R2N-Ar-(SO3X)n Formula (1) wherein: R1 is H, alkyl, cycloalkyl or aralkyl and R2 is alkyl, cycloalkyl or aralkyl; or R1 and R2, together with the N atom to which they are attached, form a 5- or 6- membered ring; Ar is phenylene or naphthylene; X is H or a cation; and n is 1 or 2; c) 1 to 40 parts of organic solvent; d) 0 to 20 parts of hydrotropic agent; e) 0 to 5 parts of biocide; f) 0 to 5 parts of surfactant; and g) 1 to 98.8 parts of water; wherein all parts are by weight and a) + b) + c) + d) + e) + f) +g) add up to 100. Also claimed are inks comprising these compositions, ink jet printer cartridges containing these inks, their use in ink jet printing especially where the temperature of application is greater than 30oC and substrates printed with these compositions or inks.