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Network Meeting Notes (RFC0082) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004858D
Original Publication Date: 1970-Dec-01
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Network Working Group Edwin W. Meyer, Jr. Request for Comments #82 MIT Project MAC Network Information Center #5619 December9, 1970

Network Meeting Notes

The following summary was transcribed from notes I took at three network meetings held in Houston during the 1970 Fall Joint Computer Conference. Although I have tried to be objective, unavoidably these notes present a biased view of the meetings. This is due in part to my preoccupation with certain topics and possible misunderstanding of various discussions. While I have tried to accurately paraphrase the statements of the attendees, the import of some may have been twisted.

Attendees of Monday Meeting

Dick Benjamin MITRE Jack Bouknight UI-CAC Al Cocanower MIRUT Steve Crocker UCLA Dough Engelbart SRI Richard Greenblatt MIT-MAC Eric Harslem RAND Frank Heart BBN Allen Joseph ORNL (Oak Ridge) Peggy Karp MITRE William B. Kehl UCLA Bob Long SDC Jim Madden UI-CAC Bob Metcalfe MIT-MAC Edwin Meyer MIT-MAC Ari Ollikainen UCLA Tom O’Sullivan Raytheon Jon Postel UCLA Chris Reeve MIT-MAC Tjaart Schipper UCAL-CCN Michael S. Sher UI-CAC Bob Sundberg Harvard Hal van Zoeren CMU Albert Vezza MIT-MAC Alfred H. Vorhaus MITRE Clark Weissman SDC

Meyer [Page 1]

RFC 82 Network Meeting Notes December 1970

Network Meeting 8:05 PM Monday, 11/16/70

Crocker: Not everybody is here, so lets talk until more people get here. is everybody satisfied with the agenda in my announcement ?

Meyer: We should talk about logger protocol. Operational usage of the net- work, as opposed to experiments, depends on its implementation.

Introductions to all around.

Crocker: I have an agenda, but want suggestions for topics.

1) I will make introductory remarks. 2) I will list topics of concern. 3) Englebart will talk about the Network Information Center 4) I will review the status of sites.

Introductory remarks

1) ARPA will not pay for the coffee and pastry being served, so please chip in to help me pay for it. 2) I am going to devote full time to network coordination in an official capacity. My goals are: (a) to build up usability of the network. (b) to establish protocol levels, (c) ?

Areas of importance

1) Some site of coalition of sites should prepare a method by which a site’s NCP could be checked out. 2) Reworking of NCP protocol. Some issues could be solved better: (a) error control, (b) flow control, (c) overloading - loosing network states, (d) simplification and relayering of protocol. 3) Telnet system console interaction, or logger protocol. How to get into the system and how to get help when in trouble. 4) Documentation of individual hosts. Network Info Center involved. Perhaps each site could be provided with a facsimile device. 5) More sophisticated consoles, particularly graphics consoles, to be attached through network. There should be a working group to formulate and workout a format for handling sophisticated consoles. There will be a graphics meeting in January in Colorado or Utah. The price of admission is to write a pr...