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Distribution of NWG/RFC's through the NIC (RFC0095) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004860D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2015-Feb-13
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                                                                NIC 5731 Network Working Group                                      Steve Crocker Request for Comments: 95                                            UCLA                                                          4 February 1971

                 Distribution of NWG/RFCs Through the NIC


   The Network Information Center (NIC), administered by Doug Engelbart    at SRI, has established (or is establishing) lines of communication    with all of the sites.  The mechanism is for each site to have a    Station Agent and a Technical Liaison Contact.  The Station Agent    maintains a small library of documents which arrive from the NIC.    The Technical Liaison Contact matches requests from the network    community to people or services at his site, and vice versa.

   In my opinion, the current mailing list for the Network Working Group    seems to duplicate in large part the NIC's distribution system.    Therefore, I am making the following changes.

(1)  Each site is presumed to have a Technical Liaison Contact.  Where      none has been appointed, the current receiver of NWG notes for that      site will be assumed to be the Technical Liaison Contact.  (Each      site may change its Technical Liaison Contact by notifying the      NIC.)

(2)  NWG notes will be sent only to Technical Liaison Contacts and to      those on the current mailing list who are not at a site.

(3)  RFC numbers and NIC numbers will continue to be assigned by Jeanne      North at SRI -- (415) 326-6200, ext. 4119, or use Enterprise      numbers:

     BB&N, CASE, HARV, LINC, MAC, CCA        Enterprise 0740      ARPA, MITR                              Enterprise 1-0740      CMU                                     Enterprise 9074      ILL                                     Enterprise 1074      SDC, RAND, UCLA, UCSB, UTAH             Zenith 9-0740

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 RFC 95          Distribution of NWG/RFCs Through the NIC   February 1971

 (4)  NWG notes may be sent to the NIC for distribution, or may be      distributed directly.  If an author intends to distribute an NWG      note himself, he should so inform Mrs. North and obtain any changes      to the mailing list.  All mailing should be airmail or first class,      depending upon distance.

Those on the current mailing list who are not at sites are

   Alfred Cocanower             ...