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An Interactive Network Experiment to Study Modes of Access the Network Information Center (RFC0096) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004861D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Feb-01
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Network Working Group NIC 5739 Request for Comments: 96 Richard W. Watson Category: Informational SRI-ARC 12 February 1971

An Interactive Network Experiment to Study Modes of Access the Network Information Center

1. Introduction

This NWG/RFC outlines the framework for a simple interactive experiment to study modes of access to the Network Information Center (NIC). A detailed specification for the initial access conventions to the NIC is contained in NWG/RFC 97, NIC (5740,). The initial online service to be provided by the Network Information Center are oriented around the SRI-ARC (ARC) Online System, typewriter version - NLS(T). These services will involve creation, manipulation, searching, and distribution of symbolic material (text initially). The initial Online System was display oriented and considerable development has gone into the study of features required for a comfortable interface to the user. In preparation for use with the Network Information Center, a typewriter oriented version has been developed. Assuming good computer response and a typewriter terminal operating at 30 char/sec, the system provides powerful and comfortable to use capabilities for handling structured textual material.

The question to which the experiment, to be described below, addresses itself is to determine how to extend these capabilities through the network to users at remote sites, possibly operating 10 char/sec and higher speed terminals through fairly heavily loaded systems. This experiment will also provide useful information about the interactive characteristics of the network, and guidelines for designers of other interactive systems to be used with the network. We propose that this experiment will be conducted with the assistance and cooperation of one other site. We estimate that the experiment will require about three calendar months. In order to minimize the resources required for the experiment, we will collect meaningful response time statistics that are easy to obtain with presetly existing metering facilities in the SRI and cooperating site systems, and network performance measuring facilities. We will not conduct formal productivity studies with the users of the connection, but will obtain their subjective impressions on use of the various connection modes. The result will be data indicating the costs and benefits obtained using the types of access described below. We would expect that this information would be useful to sites in determining how they want to implement access to the NIC and other interactive sites.

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During the period of the experiment, other sites will want to access the NIC as they come up on the network. We would recommend a simple approach, such as described in Section 2b, initially with a possible change later if the experiment indicates improved response and/or human factors coupling can be obtained with one of the other approaches, NWG/RFC 97, NIC (5740,) specifies this ini...