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Attendance list at the Urbana NWG meeting, February 17-19, 1971 (RFC0108) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004866D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Mar-01
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Network Working Group R. Watson Request for Comments: 108 SRI-ARC NIC: 5807 25 March 1971

Addendum to NWG Meeting Notes, NIC (5762)

Attendance List at the Urbana NWG Meeting

February 17-19, 1971

BBN Robert Kahn Ray Tomlinson Alex McKenzie

Case Patrick Foulk

CCA Richard Winter

Harvard Bob Metcalfe

ILLINOIS Carlton Mills David Grothe Gary R. Grossman Michael S. Sher J. Bouknight J. Madden Stewart Denenberg

IBM Research Douglas McKay Hans Schlaeppi

LINCOLN LAB Richard Kalin Joel Winett Tom Barkalow

MIT Bob Skinner

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RFC 108 Addendum to NWG Meeting Notes March 1971

MIT-MAC Edwin W. Meyer, Jr. Bob Bressler A. Vezza

MITRE P. M. Karp

RADC Tom Lawrence Robt. K. Walker

RAND John Heafner Raytheon Tom O’Sullivan

SDC Robert E. Long Jerry Cole

SRI John Melvin Dick Watson

UCLA Steve Crocker Jon Postel

UCSB Jim White

Utah Barry Wessler

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