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Proposed graphic display modes (RFC0184) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004878D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Jul-01
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Network Working Group Karl Kelley Request for Comments 184 University of Illinois NIC 7128 6 July 1971 Category: D.6

Proposed Graphic Display Modes

The ARPA Network node at the University of Illinois’ Center for Advanced Computation is somewhat different from other nodes in that we are not simply attaching an existing computer center to the net. We are in the process of establishing the computer system specifically for use of the ILLIAC IV and the Network. In this mode we are establishing operating systems, network interface and utility routines, and ILLIAC IV routines to be used over the network.

In the field of computer graphics we are in the process of building a system essentially from scratch. The building blocks of this capability comprise a small -- but growing -- collection of display hardware and a small cadre of persons with experience on separate and unique graphics equipment at the University of Illinois. Starting as we are with little-or-no system type software for computer graphics, we have a once-only opportunity to provide the system with computer graphics applications and utility programs which encompass all the features and capabilities that have heretofore been available only in bits and pieces at various separate installations.

It is apparent at the outset that the design for this system will be heavily weighted toward a network-type usage. For this reason we are eager to ensure that our system data structures, files, etc., be as nearly compatible the Network Graphics Protocol as is practicable. Our initial planning and first-version system will be pointed at the network type of operation and we hope to stay flexible enough to employ the Network Protocol on a local basis (between our PDP-11 and the B6500) as the protocol is developed.

We have been considering (in the planning of our system and pondering the protocol problem) just what display modes we would want to have available and thus would want the protocol to include. The purpose of this RFC is to outline our initial thoughts on the matter and to interact with other nodes about how they can/should be included in the protocol. We intend here not to belabor display modes which are certain to be needed everywhere, such as vectors, points, and characters, but rather to summarize those and outline in more detail only those which are slightly different.

Kelley [Page 1]

RFC 184 Proposed Graphic Display Modes 6 July 1971

The display system, and the network protocol, will require something like the following list of display types:

/ 1. Points | Including normal points, < plot a symbol at a point, plot | a point with intensity \

/ 2. Lines(two-point) | These two (2 and 3) include < visible and not visible, dotted, 3. Vectors (from present beam | dashed, overbright, and ? location to a point) \

4. Character Streams

5. Viewport and Window Specifications (ala LDS-1)

6. Transformations (scaling and rotation) of Instances

7. Equipment-Specific Byte Streams

8. Read-Back of Keyboards...