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IMP System change notification (RFC0343) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004890D
Original Publication Date: 1972-May-01
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Network Working Group A. McKenzie Request for Comments: 343 BBN-NET NIC #10422 19 May 1972 Category: B.1 Obsoletes: RFC #331

IMP System Change Notification

As most of you probably know, our attempt to release IMPSYS 2600 on May 15 (as discussed in RFC #331) was unsuccessful. Briefly, the primary reasons for failure (all operational rather than programming bugs) were:

1) The network appears to have grown too large for us to successfully coordinate operator intervention at all sites.

2) An unanticipated aspect of the gradual release of the new system was the "poisoning" of IMP’s running the new system by adjacent IMP’s running the old system, and vice versa. Working around this problem made the dissemination of the new system take much longer than anticipated.

We believe we see solutions to both of these problems and are now ready to schedule the next attempt(s) to release IMPSYS 2600. We hereby request all sites to cooperate with this effort in the following ways.

I. All sites with Model 516 IMP’s have been contacted by telephone and asked to set the switches on their IMP’s as follows:

HALT INH - off W.D.T. - off AUTO RSTRT - on MEMORY PRTCT - off

Please be sure that your switches remain set at these positions until further notice.

II. No site should attempt to use the IMP’s "Trace" routine during the day(s) of the attempted system release.

III. Terminal IMP’s may be turned off for significant portions of the day(s) of the attempted system release. Please be patient with any inconvenience which this causes.

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RFC 343 IMP System Change Notification May 1972

IV. We hope to accomplish release of IMPSYS 2600 on the next attempt. Nevertheless, we are not omniscient and...