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Mail retrieval via FTP (RFC0458) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004927D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-12
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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R.D. Bressler: AUTHOR [+1]

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10.17487/RFC0458: DOI

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Network Working Group B. Bressler Request for Comments: 458 BBN-NET NIC: 14378 B. Thomas BBN-TENEX 20 February 1973

Mail Retrieval via FTP

We propose two new FTP commands called ReaDMailFile and ReaDMail. These commands are intended to be symmetric with respect to the current MLFL and MAIL commands. They would allow a user to read his mail at one or more sites without incurring the overhead of logging in and without having to use several different retrieval methods. The user might go further and create a program to go around to all the server sites and retrieve his mail for him. The current FTP mechanisms provide for password protection, should security be required.

This proposal brings into focus, once again, the problems of different users with the same ID, and to a lesser extent, one user with multiple IDs. This RFC does not attempt to address these issues at this time, as much effort is currently being devoted to them. However, we believe that a satisfactory system for network mail should include a mechanism to enable each user to have mail for him sent to a single repository (ideally, the site of his choice). We further believe that the two commands proposed here would be useful in such an environment as well as within the current network environment.

The format of the commands is

COMMAND REPLY success fail

RDMF 200,250,330 433,450,451,454,455,457,500,507 secondary replies: 252 452

RDML 152,330 433,450,451,455,500,507

The success reply 200 would take the text "NO MAIL N...