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Availability of MIX and MIXAL in the Network (RFC0494) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004931D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Apr-01
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Network Working Group D. Walden Request for Comments: 494 BBN-NET NIC: 15359 20 April 1973 References: RFCs 473, 485

Availability of MIX and MIXAL in the Network

In RFC 473 I requested information on the existence of assemblers and interpreters for Knuth’s hypothetical MIX computer. Following is a summary of the responses to my earlier RFC.

First the rumors: (1) There is rumored to be a MIX interpreter available on the University of Utah PDP-10, but not assembler; and (2) There is rumored to be a MIX interpreter available on the SU-AI PDP-10.

Now the facts:

A fairly well debugged and documented MIXAL assembler exists for the UCSB 360/75. A partially debugged MIX interpreter also exists. See RFC 485 for additional information.

Box MIX and MIXAL are available on the UCSD B6700; although, according to Ken Bowles, they are not currently being handled as fully supported products, and there may be some remaining bugs in the systems. However, MIX and MIXAL are available for network users, and Ken says they will be happy to receive notification of any errors found in the MIX and MIXAL and will attempt to get corrections made in due course. Contact Ken Bowles at UCSD for further information.

MIX and an assembler for MIX are available for network use on the UCLA 360/91. These systems have had considerable use, and they are documented. Contact Bob Braden at CCN for further information.

Finally: The Computer Science Center at Stanford University apparently has available a standard packa...