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Requirements for Internet gateways - draft (RFC0985) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000004983D
Original Publication Date: 1986-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Jul-13
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The following sections are intended as an introduction and background for those unfamiliar with the DARPA Internet architecture and the Internet gateway model. General background and discussion on the Internet architecture and supporting protocol suite can be found in the DDN Protocol Handbook [25] and ARPANET Information Brochure [26], both available from the Network Information Center, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Readers familiar with these concepts can proceed directly to Section 2.

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Network Working Group Network Technical Advisory Group Request for Comments: 985 NSF

May 1986

Requirements for Internet Gateways Draft

Status of this Memo

This RFC summarizes the requirements for gateways to be used on networks supporting the DARPA Internet protocols. While it applies specifically to National Science Foundation research programs, the requirements are stated in a general context and are believed applicable throughout the Internet community. This document was prepared by the Gateway Requirements Subcommittee of the NSF Network Technical Advisory Group in cooperation with the Internet Activities Board, Internet Architecture Task Force and Internet Engineering Task Force. It requests discussion and suggestions for improvements. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

The purpose of this document is to present guidance for vendors offering products that might be used or adapted for use in an Internet application. It enumerates the protocols required and gives references to RFCs and other documents describing the current specifications. In a number of cases the specifications are evolving and may contain ambiguous or incomplete information. In these cases further discussion giving specific guidance is included in this document. Specific policy issues relevant to the NSF scientific networking community are summarized in an Appendix.

This is a DRAFT edition of this statement of gateway requirements. Comments are sought on this document for consideration and possibly incorporated in the final edition. Comments are especially sought from those actually developing gateways, particular vendors and potential vendors of gateways. The period for comments is 90 days ending 15-Aug-86, at which time revised edition will be issued with a new RFC number.

Suggestions and comments on this document can be sent to the subcommittee chairman Dave Mills (, or NTAG committee chairman Dave Farber ( The subcommittee members, present affiliations and Internet mailboxes are as follows:

Hank Dardy, NRL Dave Farber, U Delaware Dennis Jennings, JVNC

NTAG [Page 1]

RFC 985 May 1986 Requirements for Internet Gateways DRAFT

Larry Landweber, U Wisconsin Tony Lauck, DEC rhea!bergil! Dave Mills (Chairman), Linkabit Dennis Perry, DARPA/IPTO

The subcommittee wishes to thank the following additional contributors and invited referees:

Len Bosack, Stanford U/CISCO Bob Braden, ISI Hans-Werner Braun, U Michigan Noel Chiappa, MIT/Proteon Doug Comer, Purdue U Ira Fuchs, Princeton U Ed Krol, U Illinois Barry Leine...