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Efficient Modeling of Infinite Scatterers Using A Generalized Total-Field/Scattered-Field FDTD Boundary Partially Embedded Within PML Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005029D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jul-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Jul-19

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Veeraraghavan Anantha Allen Taflove


This paper proposes a novel generalized total-field/scattered-field formulation for FDTD to model plane waves traveling into, or originating from, the perfectly-matched-layer absorbing region. In this formulation, the total-field/scattered-field boundary is located in part within the absorbing region. An important application of this technique is the efficient modeling of an infinite scatterer illuminated by an arbitrarily oriented plane wave within a compact FDTD grid. We apply this technique to efficiently model two-dimensional transverse-magnetic diffraction of an infinite right-angle dielectric wedge and an infinite 45°-angle perfect-electrical-conductor wedge. This approach significantly improves the computational efficiency of FDTD modeling of Infinite scatterers illuminated by plane waves.