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Wireless Answering Device Using Bluetooth Technology Disclosure PF2170NA Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005038D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Aug-01
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Wireless Answering Device Using Bluetooth Technology Disclosure PF2170NA

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Wireless Answering Device

Using Bluetooth Technology

Disclosure PF2170NA


Bruce W. Ross and Son Q. Le

With the drive today toward smaller pagers and cellular phones it is not unusual for an owner to accidentally leave the device in a jacket, purse, or briefcase. This in turn leads to situations where it becomes difficult or inconvenient for the individual to shut off a call/page alarm due to not being in close proximity to the device. The intent of this invention is to give the user the ability to silence that alert from a distance utilizing the Bluetooth technology.

The intent is a device which would be like a pen or other object of similar size and shape such that it could be carried in a shirt pocket, or on a woman's belt, etc. At the time of an incoming call, the main unit would send a Bluetooth signal to the device announcing the alert. A light set into the top of the device would begin blinking such that it would quietly alert the user to the call/page's presence. The device would enable the user to discretely silence the main unit alarm by pressing down on the flashing button of the remote and sending a Bluetooth signal back to the main unit.

In addition, a 1-line LCD display can be designed into the device that would display either the number that is calling, the number to be called, or the first line of an alpha page so the owner has a clue to the nature of the importance of the call.